Marge sharing from her current series of artwork.

My training under Marge has come to a close. The week was rich as we enjoyed relationship, artmaking, sharing ideas, gaining truth, mulling over direction and “calling” and much more. Marge gives fellow artists the gift of her time, her encouragement, her studio, her art supplies and her humor. She read books I brought and gleaned the essence of each one. She went out of her way to make certain I could stay on my vegan diet to continue to fight stage four cancer.

I think she was impressed when I started jogging around her on the evening walk last night, but maybe not. She is more impressed with our amazing God who graces me with the ability to jog, make art, share story, sing Italian opera, pour over a scripture passage and laugh during stage four cancer.

As I return home, I sit next to a woman who is swearing at a colleague for some mess-up at work; stocks were not traded when they should have been, and the clients are unhappy, putting it mildly without the F word which seems to be her default word. Her stress calms a bit as the person she is speaking with seems to reassure her that a fix is in the works. Yep, I’m out of the studio and back into real life with real stories to be shared.

I get out my sketchbook, and I notice everyone is a little happier. Art tends to do that.

Marge’s website is here:

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations
. Psalm 100:5

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