Mt. Ranier, Afternoon Reflection, Marcia Carole

While on a walk with my friend, Vickie, I mentioned my brother and his wife were visiting Mt. Rainier and the National Park associated with this majestic mountain. “Why don’t you go join them,” she urged me. Hmmm. I hadn’t seen Mt. Ranier in more than ten years, I felt physically strong enough to do the 3 hour drive, and I imagined the meadow hikes would be beautiful. So, the next morning, I took off for the big mountain.

It was great to see family in a beautiful setting, enjoying the Master Artist’s work. We shared two beautiful days of hiking, photo-taking, eating(thank you, Marc and Judi) and marveling. Mt. Ranier, up close, is breath-taking, huge, powerful and disarming. The late snows are still evident the higher one goes. Amazingly, amid the snow mounds, we found a spot by the reflecting lake where we could photograph Ranier’s reflection. (That’s quite the story.)

The meadow flowers were as beautiful as I imagined, and watching the grazing deer nearby was a lovely added bonus. It is incredibly restorative to be in such beauty. I totally forgot I have cancer as I bounded up and down trails while breathing in deeply the wonderful old forest smells. The bright, mid-summer sunlight splashed through the tall firs producing a dazzling array of bright greens on the forest floor.

It is incredibly inspiring to spend time with The Master Artist and His creative work!

Meadow Flowers, Marcia Carole

Early Morning Grazing, Marcia Carole

Mountains and all hills,
Fruit trees and all cedars!
Beasts and all livestock,
creeping things and flying birds!

Kings of the earth and all peoples, princes and all rulers of the earth! Young men and maidens together, old men and children!

Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted;

his majesty is above earth and heaven. Psalm 148: 9-13


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