Woman Bleeding For 12 Years, Collaged Paper Accordion Book, Marcia Carole

Last weekend, I wrestled with God over the timing of my healing – or home going. I want it to be over – the waiting for one or the other. So, on Monday morning, God taught my heart something about Himself through the story about the woman, in the Bible, who was bleeding for 12 years. He used a sermon on this woman, preached by Tim Keller. This is what He taught me – Jesus has perfect timing.

Jesus is on his way to healing a dying daughter of Jairus, a very important religious leader. Jairus’ daughter is royalty, so to speak. She is in critical condition; the situation is extremely urgent, and the crowd, along with Jesus, is racing to get to her before she dies. Then a brave, unclean woman with a thin slice of hope reaches out to Jesus in that urgently busy, focused crowd. She is chronically ill, less urgent in a sense, but Jesus stops everything for her.

He knows someone has touched Him, in faith, and power has gone out of him. He seeks out the woman and has a conversation. She doesn’t need just to be physically healed. That’s really important. She needs to hear that she is His “daughter.” Instantly, when Jesus calls her “daughter”, she is no longer an outcast, but a royal family member of the King of Kings. Jesus extends immeasurable worth and value to this woman. He is healing her soul.

Before you know it, someone rushes up and announces Jairus’ daughter is dead. There is no need for Jesus, or anyone else to hurry on to Jairus’ home. Jesus turns to Jairus and says something interesting. Do not fear. He doesn’t say, “do not doubt.” Jesus knows that fear has gripped Jairus’ heart. (Just like it gripped mine over the weekend.) Jairus proceeds home with Jesus. Oh, and the crowd comes, too.

Arriving at Jairus’ house. Jesus excuses the mourners. They are too early in the life of this little girl. He is not late. According to the original language, Jesus says calmly and tenderly, “Honey, get up.” to Jairus’ daughter. (Very casual-like. No biggie. No yelling, smoke and mirrors.) She gets up from the dead, right on time. Someone get her some food, He suggests. (She’s not a spirit.)

I don’t know everything about my fight with cancer. I must trust Jesus’ timing is perfect, and that calms my heart. Just maybe, Jesus is healing others, on His way to me.

What are your fears today? Can you give them to Jesus?

Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Luke 8:50


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