“I used to not have a father, but now I have a Father.”

(The woman’s name has been changed in this story to protect her.)

Tola phoned the Happy At Home center on the Saturday before the Northshore Thailand team arrived. Tola had not eaten for three days because she had not been “bought” at her bar during that time. She was hungry and asked for a meal. Tola was warmly welcomed at the center, given good food and a clean bed for the night. The next day, the ladies at the Happy At Home center took Tola to church, and she asked Jesus to be her savior.

Two days later, the Northshore Thailand team came to serve Tola and about ten other women. Tola soaked up all the Bible teaching, demonstrated how talented she is during each creative activity, and displayed a soft, caring, teachable heart that gripped each of the team members with compassion. (Tola, a mother of two, rarely sees her children, but she collaged cards for each of them.)

When Tola was making a collage to tell her life story, she first took a picture of Jesus holding a little girl on His shoulder. When pointing to this picture in her collage, she said, “I used to not have a father, but now I have a Father.” Not only did Tola come to Jesus, but He gave her an intensive Bible study and creative “retreat” the week immediately after coming to know Him!


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