Sewing a purse in response to “What is in your heart?”

Through the teachings on Jesus’ love and compassion for the woman at the well, and by making art, sewing, jewelry and baking projects connected with the Bible passage, Mali* was understanding, more deeply, her worth and value as a woman who is loved by Jesus. During one workshop, Mali received a call from a client asking her “to lunch” for $10,000 baht($300) in Bangkok. This is a huge sum for any woman coming out of prostitution; she could really help her family with that amount of money. And, it was “only lunch,” right?

Not at all. One temptation when coming out, is for the women to make some quick money at a brothell or with an old client, once in a while, and thus, potentially fall back into prostitution. It is a process to leave the old life and community, no matter how dark, and form good relationships in new communities. By sharing stories through the creative arts, one can be known more quickly in a new community.

Mali chose not to go to the lunch after the week of workshops, and much prayer and counsel from the Thai leadership. How exciting to see the good fruit of a woman believing she is worth so much more that $300 in God’s eyes, and in the eyes of those who truly love her. Our celebration on the last day was a celebration of each woman’s life, and the potential for many more good choices to follow!

*The woman’s name was changed to protect her.


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