Each bead represents a different part of a woman’s story.

Enjoying room on the floor to spread out supplies.

By using story necklaces, instead of story ropes, each team member and each woman at the center in Pattaya, shared important parts of their stories. There was laughter and tears as we shared, and compassionately listened to each other’s life stories. The beads are a bridge to make visible that which is invisible. My hope is that each woman felt important to their Maker, and know, more deeply, that their stories matter to God and to those of us in their safe community.

A number of women shared how they were tricked into prostitution by “a friend.” None wanted to be in the business of prostitution. What else could they do once they were in Pattaya and far from home? How were they to get back home, and what would they do once they returned? The burden to support their extended families falls on their shoulders in Thailand. Many spoke of their children who lived far from them.

We ended our time in prayer, and each of the team members are now carrying these women, and their stories, in our hearts. There are no easy answers in Pattaya, but there is the hope that these women are now more grounded in the One who loves them eternally, and who gives them “Living Water” for their thirsty souls.

Each of our stories matter to God.

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