Farmhouse Lemons, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

The sun is trying to peek through the Seattle Gray. Whether we will really have any sunshine remains to be seen. On these gray days, I try to lift my spirits by painting with yellow. I painted these lemons quite a while ago, now. They were actually begun in Italia.  However, the piece was never finished. After a week at the farmhouse, I had to head home. I’d been in Italy a month, and my “real” life was calling me back.

So, this piece has lingered in the land of unfinished paintings until this gray day. Today, I added trees outside the “window” of the painting and finished up the curtains. It is ready to bring to the printers, and I hope the prints will find their way to many kitchens. May they bring sunshine to a few Seattle homes as well.

I may sell the original; I’ll have to keep a print. Why? Well, when I look at this painting, I remember the farmer who picked the lemons for me fresh off his tree. I remember the relaxed pace of the farm. When I arrived, the farmer and two workers on the farm stopped what they were doing, pulled out a bottle of their own wine, and poured glasses for all to salute my arrival. Now, that is one terrific, sunny memory on this gray Seattle day!


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