Burano, Italia, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

Some people have classical or jazz music playing quietly in the background while working, reading, doing dishes, getting up or even falling off to sleep. Other people listen to praise music or rock or even a little machine that has sounds like beach waves or happy crickets chirping on a summer’s evening. Seattlites, including me, have steady rain playing in the background of our lives. The continuous soft thud of water landing on: the deck, the trees, the streets, the cars, the mossy lawns, the garbage cans, our roofs, and the gutters, is our constant background sound.

Many people, in other cities, assume they will see the sun when they wake up. We Seattlites can’t really hang onto that one. From now on until Spring (July), we’ll be hearing that dripping sound outside, much of the time. It’s the background sound as we wake up – in the dark by the way, and as we drive home, in the dark – again, from work.

So, this morning I am thinking of lovely, sunny Italia. I go to pick up fresh prints of the above painting later this morning. Yes, I’ll be driving in the rain, but I’ll be thinking about the Italian language school I’ve attended in Lucca. I’ll be thinking about going to Venice with Alice, and the crazy, fun family reunion we had in Abruzzo and Tuscany. I’ll be thinking about that first trip with Judy to Orvietto and that nutty accordion player below our window. I’ll be thinking about sunflowers and the best food on the planet. And glorious sunshine.

If you’d like some Italian sunshine, in the form of this print, let me know. I have just put it in my art store here.


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