Early Morning Venice, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

It was so dark gray this morning, I thought I was waking up in the middle of the night. My piano teacher cancelled my lesson, so, I did what any thinking person does. I crawled back into bed. (I had just read an article about not rushing around.) The gray enveloped not only my house, but, in some way, me. A sunny climate really encourages my soul. The dark, smoke gray of Seattle is just plain hard. The thick, watery clouds hang so low, they dampen my spirits. You get the picture.

That’s why we all drink coffee. Except, I don’t drink coffee anymore due to the cancer – trying to stay less acidic. Decaf tea just isn’t the same as a warm, pumpkin spice latte on a day like today.

So, back to sunny Italia I went. Yes, I got out of bed eventually, and I worked on this original a little more. I brought it to my printer I use in Seattle – Chromaworks. Can’t recommend them enough. I am putting the prints from this in my store. Let me know if you’d like one for Christmas. The 9×12 size will be $30. The original size -18×24 will be $60.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some sunshine – or I’ll have a whole series of Italia before this gray spell is over!

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