Waiting On The Lord, Painted Papers and Fabric, Marcia Carole

After Abraham was given the promise of a child, he and his wife, Sarah, waited and waited and waited. Still, no child for Sarah. When Sarah was in her 30s, 40s and early 50s, just maybe, she and Abraham had hope; God could use her body to produce the promised child. Eventually, their hope gave out. Sarah decided to help God out with her own plan. (Never a good plan.)

When is God most glorified? When there is no possible way men and women can accomplish something. Often, that is exactly when God does something to change a situation. Then, He alone is credited with the “work.”

When all our resources run out, may we still hope in the One whose resources never run out. Let’s have the courage to HOPE in our waiting. Not easy at all, is it? I’m going to have that courage today. Even in the pouring rain on a horribly gray Seattle day. Again, today, I hope God will heal me of this cancer, in spite of the lack of resources from the medical community. I will wait on the Lord for my healing.

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