Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, Collage, Marcia Carole

My neighbors, Vickie and Dave, have been God’s grace and unconditional love in my life in so many ways. Tonight, in the rainy dark, I grabbed my boots, to put the trash to the curb. I had waited until dark, and could have kicked myself for being so tardy. As I braced myself for the wet, cold air and the task of dragging the containers down the driveway, I spotted said containers right in front of my house! I teared up, not only because the containers were ready for pick-up, but because my neighbors are so nice and truly kind. I can’t believe I live near them!

Vickie and Dave remind me of God’s grace, unmerited favor, and kind care, so often. When I am feeling lonely, I can call and often get a warm welcome to come over, sit and chat, or share a meal. It encourages my heart when I see their bottomless love in action. They are wonderful examples to me.

Likewise, in the story I am collaging, we see God’s grace and care in providing a child for Abraham and Sarah. They are way past their prime; the biological clock has stopped altogether. (Additionally, they’d run out of the courage to hope, and they had tried a workaround with Hagar.) In the end, God gets all the credit for the provision of a son for the elderly couple.

God is the Author of pure grace, and Vickie and Dave sure do share what they have from HIM, with me. I am so thankful!


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