Our art team was in full swing after a couple of days of preparation for the conference, gathering fabric and setting up the room. Women at the CEMA conference made story ropes with African fabrics and colorful ribbons in order to tell their stories. The story rope is a bridge to help the stories, trauma and grace, to come out from the women’s hearts. As each woman shared the joyful, as well as, the dark parts of their stories, several prayed for each woman. Sometimes, the women broke out in song for the woman being prayed for. What joy was given as the singing and dancing happened!

This woman has such joy, even though she suffers from a serious medical condition.

Each woman’s story is important and valuable. Above, Marge, our art team leader, shares her story rope with the larger group of both men and women. We had an amazing translator, Arline, who appreciated all the art we presented, and asked for supplies to continue the work in her community. For Marge’s report on the story ropes, my sharing of my story, and the importance of our stories fitting into God’s larger story, see her blog HERE.

 Here I am sharing my story with my story rope. 


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