Joseph’s Coat, Acrylic painted papers, Marcia Carole

I am beginning a collaged Bible story book on the life of Joseph to bring with me to India and beyond. I finished the above idea for the cover, but it is larger than the book will be. I’ll make a smaller version for the book cover. I think I can tell much of Joseph’s story just from this one collage piece.

There is one of his dreams behind prison bars, his black hole his brothers dragged him into, the blood on his coat to indicate to his father that he must be dead, the palm tree to indicate being sold to Potiphar, the red for his robe torn from him as he was fleeing Potiphar’s wife, and the gold for his rise to second in command for all of Egypt. I might add a crown for the book cover to represent his rise to power after years and years of imprisonment.

This piece is currently hanging in the cafe at my church. We are hosting a show based on the life of Joseph. If you are in the Seattle area, come check it out! (Northshore Baptist Church, Kirkland, WA)


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