Tree Of Life, pen and ink, Marcia Carole

Mehndi style Tree Of Life, watercolor, pen and ink, Marcia Carole

While caring for my daughter back in the States, I have been practicing the art form I learned in India. Carefully laying down details in my art, and in my relationship with my daughter, has some parallels. Both have to be done slowly and with the best skill I am able to muster. (I often feel inadequate.) As I add color to my art, I sense adding listening love and hugs, in my relationship with my daughter, brings color there as well. When I help with doctor’s appointments, it’s like laying down the structural lines of the tree – not pretty but necessary. Life deepens in both areas as I put one line, or one foot(care, support, encouragement), in front of the other. I pray life is deepening and growing in both places.

Some have asked for details for the symbols I have used in the tree drawing. Here you go.

In the base or root system, I have symbols that represent creation – sun, moon, stars, fish, birds, mountains and water, Adam and Eve, the fruit(apple) is connected to 2 hearts with the symbol for Jesus in the trunk. The stars reappear as Abraham’s promise, then a symbol with 12 swirls representing the 12 tribes. Promised life with the leaves going up the trunk is there as well. The Holy Spirit is the flame symbol in the branches, with fruit – heart leaves, flowing out of the flame. New life in Jesus produces healing from sin and death, so the flowering areas of the tree. I have the 12 disciples in there and early church. That’s a start for what I was doing symbolically.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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