Before leaving India, I taught a new friend there, how to make and share our stories through the making of a story rope. She was excited to make the story ropes with her friends. Thankfully, she was able to spend an afternoon with several of them, sharing her story, and then they shared their stories – using story ropes. I am very blessed and thankful they were able to spend the time together, even though I could not be with them. Below, are some of the ladies’ story ropes.
“The story ropes are a GREAT way to help women to open up and continue the healing process through their own journeys. Thanks for passing on this creative technique for ladies to open up, share and be prayed for.”

“It is VERY important to create an atmosphere where women feel they are among friends and that their story is sacred.”

“Becoming vulnerable ourselves, helps other women to be vulnerable and feel that they can share more of their rope without risking judgment or criticism.”

“When using the story rope technique, I think it is important to keep the groups small as it creates a safer environment and allows everyone in the group full opportunity to create, share and be prayed for.”

I pray blessings on each woman who made a story rope, and shared part of her story, that afternoon in India. Many thanks for the generous donations of ribbons, from several women in the States, in order to make it possible for the women in India to have an abundance of colors to work with. – Marcia Carole


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