Jesus – My Hiding Place, Watercolor, Marcia Carole

I had the privilege of sharing a weekend retreat with my daughter, Virginia, on a mountain top outside of Colorado Springs. During one of the teaching sessions, I took notes by drawing pictures of what the speaker, Dr. Julie Slattery, was sharing with over 300 women. The above is what I drew and painted as I internalized her teaching.

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Julie talked of God’s great love for us, and she reminded us Jesus has washed all our sins away. Also, she shared that we worship Him from a place of humility and brokenness. Additionally, our times, or lives, are in His hands. He has ordained the number of days we have, and we can rest in Him on that. Finally, even in a dark place, a place where there is no evidence of fruit or evidence of life, yet, we praise Him, like the songbird, because we know we are safe in Him, even in our darkest hour. He protects us from trouble and surrounds us with songs of deliverance.

I have seen Him protect and deliver through the love and care of others, as well as divine intervention and miracles. He is worthy of our worship, and we are safe in Jesus.


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