Morning Prayer, Watercolor on paper, Marcia Carole

I am heading home today, after more than a week with my daughter, who seems to have come through well after her cyber knife radiation treatment. The treatment may possibly give her up to 15 years of arrested growth for her brain tumor. I am praying it shrivels up and goes away.

While being in Colorado Springs, I have been painting three watercolor squares I had tucked in my suitcase. I was most free with this final square, enjoying the flow of watercolor on wet paper. As I paint, I talk to God about my daughter, her life, and then I wander around, like the watercolor, and find myself talking with Him about all sorts of things.

Does anyone enjoy tough stuff in this life? I doubt it. For me, trusting Jesus with the outcome for my daughter, is my only hope. I have to be patient as her care-giver(one of many), and I have covered each day here with lots of prayer. So, for me, this verse, and incorporating it in a final prayer before I leave, seems appropriate, and a way to bring closure for my heart.


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