God Is Love, acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole

Two years ago today, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. My heart is filled with thanksgiving for family and friends all over the world who have traveled with me on this journey, cheered me on, prayed hard, given much time, resources, love, hope and great food. (Good food is a big part of the journey!) The journey continues, I pray, for many more years. The initial tumor, although with me, is still shrinking, and I pray it disappears.

My greatest gift through this time has been – to know my Artist God is beside me, solidly here for me, loving me, no matter what. I know it’s true, and He is real. (Even in the fiery furnace of chemo.) And on the Cross, God profoundly showed His love, in Jesus, for me – and you. That’s real, too. Christianity is not lists of behavior and advice, it’s good news, every single day. Jesus loves us.

The painting above was created during a time of worship in Baja, Hungary. (This was weeks before I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.) The worship band was playing, the dancers were worshipping through dance, and I was painting this canvas. It all happened in about 15 minutes. I touched up the piece a tiny bit back in my room, and then gave it to the pastor leading the conference. I am very thankful it is still in Hungary!


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