We, Too, Can Have The Birth Of Jesus (In Our Hearts)

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Adopted, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Marcia Carole

This print is a last minute gift to Virginia. She liked it, but seemed puzzled. Hmmm, she said. She went onto explain she’d been wrestling through the reality of the Holy Spirit really being near to her….and His life and work active in her heart. Well, I said, maybe this is especially for you as you go through your time of wrestling. (He’ll be there throughout her, and our, doubts, and maybe the art will help remind her.) Along with the laughter of grandsons, this little, tiny, interaction with Virginia was a special part of my Christmas this year.

It’s not easy to understand a virgin birth, and it’s not easy to understand a rebirth in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. But, it’s true and real none the less. And God does give us the capacity to understand it existentially. As we pray and seek Jesus in our hearts, the Holy Spirit births and grows the relationship He has been calling forth all along. We see change in our ways of thinking and in how we treat others and ourselves. Love that is grace-filled, light and life-giving thoughts and actions begin flooding areas of our lives we thought might remain inky black forever. Wow, we think, never thought that would be healed and forgiven. Then we can know – yes, the Holy Spirit is here.


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