Sharing my story with my story rope in Indore, India.

During the month of January, I shared a tool, story rope making, for leaders to use for helping them and others to tell their stories. The colors of fabrics and ribbons, tied on a longer fabric “rope” represent different parts of a woman’s story. The trauma of hard parts of the women’s stories were beginning to lift from their hearts as they shared.

Women leaders, shown above, are sharing their stories using their story ropes. As stories are shared, comfort and prayer are given to the women.

How exciting to place our stories side by side. It was a great visual to see how our stories are a part of a greater story. Each of our stories matter and are important to our communities and to God. Our stories are part of God’s larger story. As I was teaching, I took one of the story ropes away. We looked at the “hole” and I encouraged the women by saying, “Without your story, God’s story is incomplete. Each of our stories is necessary in telling God’s story.” The women commented that the visual display of all the stories together really impacted and encouraged them.


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