Psalm 23 Collaged Book, Marcia Carole

I spent a couple of of days helping my grandson make a collaged Psalm 23 book. It is a wonderful project for children as well as adults. It was so interesting to see how the verses resonated with my grandson’s heart. There was one very special moment when I was discussing how God sees us through our valleys or dark parts of our stories, and my grandson shared a dark time in his heart – a situation that seemed like a real valley. Below is how he collaged that part of the psalm.

The valley of the shadow of death, C, age 7.

Caleb enjoyed working through the entire flow of the Psalm. It was encouraging to see God’s provision all along the way.

Jesus as our Lord and Shepherd, C age 7.

It has been amazingly helpful for me to see how meditating on and making art for Psalm 23 helps individuals process their own stories, no matter what their age. I marvel at the power of God’s Word. I just show up, use the art for a bridge for the Scriptures, and big things happen. What a powerful, loving God we have!

I think it is vitally important to discuss how each verse of Psalm 23 speaks to each of our lives – “When was there a time when Jesus met our needs, led us, walked beside us, got us through a valley, was guarding us from all sides?”

I think it would be helpful for leaders to discuss the art, one on one, after it is completed. Concepts like: “
The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me?” -Psalm 118:6, might be helpful to add.


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