The snow was melting, and the coffee was warm. It was a special night of art and story sharing for about a dozen women at Jitters in Eagle River, Alaska. Several shared their “hearts” which included what they celebrate in their lives, what is hard about their stories and what they hope for their stories.

One woman took several photos in order to use this art project in the future for the work she does. How rewarding it is to pass on this “bridge” for sharing one’s story. Art helps release stories and trauma.

At the end, we put all our hearts together to see we are part of a greater story, a larger community and God’s over-arching story. He has been present in each of our days; even during the darker parts of our stories. There were tears, laughter, prayers and a greater appreciation for each other. My heart and prayers are with each woman as I get ready to head back to Seattle. I really missed having my daughter with me; she invited me to come, and she is sick with the flu. I missed you, Katie!


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