Psalm 23 Meditation, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

The collage above was created in response to four questions I came up with while meditating on Psalm 23. A friend wanted a one page idea for her teaching on Psalm 23. I know the Holy Spirit led me in this project because I was busy with other things, and He stopped me in my tracks! As you look at Psalm 23, God’s attributes emerge. Some can be found in the questions I came up with. Here they are.

When was a time when God protected you? When was a time when God lead you? When was a time when God comforted you? When was a time when God provided for you?  As I thought of God’s attributes of protector, leader, comforter, and provider, I thought of the loving, balanced leader that He truly is. I use the house shape to represent parts of my story. All the papers are painted by me and friends in Seattle.

In the work, I describe how God’s heart is full of both truth and grace. If He was a good leader and protector, but mean and not able to comfort, He would seem more like a cruel tyrant. If He was a great comforter and provider, but could not lead or protect, He would be a dangerous leader as well. The God of the Bible, our one, true God, is both wise in leadership and protection (truth) and comfort and provision (grace, love, mercy). He is the PERFECT God!

I was chatting with a friend yesterday, who is a practicing Buddhist, and she was talking about the fear one of her friends constantly lives with. She worships a number of “gods.” She’s always living in fear. I suggested she look into the God who loves her – and the one who lead and protects. Now that God, the one true God, is worth entrusting our very lives to without any fear or reservation.


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