Above, is one example of the entire Psalm 23, in collage, from a participant of my art workshop. What a wonderful way to process, memorize and internalize this very important Psalm. The women really enjoyed the process, and many lingered long after we were dismissed. They often included parts of their stories in the different “pages” of the collage process. It is a safer way to share our stories because it is done with pictures, not words. We can say as little or as much as we feel comfortable in sharing.

Jesus leads through “paths of righteousness” for His name’s sake, through “the valley of the shadow of death,” and then into celebration at a banquet feast after trials and adversity.

“He leads me through paths of righteousness” even through the “valley of the shadow of death” may very well include the way of the cross, according to this participant of the Psalm 23 workshop. She is sharing part of her story when collaging the entirety of Psalm 23.

“You have opened up a whole new world for us!” – Participant in Turkey.
The celebration, collaged above, suggest a time of worship. See what childlike joy is displayed in this book because of knowing, “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

This workshop was a wonderful success, and many hearts were blessed, due, in part,  to all the hard work of those who helped prepare for it back at home, and my team members who helped as I taught the workshop. However, the greater credit should be given to God for making this workshop possible. It was amazing for me to see the timing, the knowledge of how to do it, the participants, my good health, even though fighting cancer, the supplies, The Word, and the creativity of the women, all come together for this event on the other side of the world. To God be the glory!


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