Volterra Vase, Pen, Ink, Watercolor, Marcia Carole

A few years ago, I purchased a little, light green, alabaster vase while touring Volterra, Italy. It was a joy-filled vacation where I gathered a bouquet of memories. Part of my family, including my Italian-born father, descended upon Italy for two brief weeks. We drove pel-mel, first through my father’s home town of Bugnara, deep in the breath-taking Appinines, and then north to beautiful, dreamy Tuscany. Visiting Volterra was a hot, hilly day trip from Lucca in Tuscany. There, I found my treasured alabaster vase.

Today, as I continue to try to settle into a new town, far from Seattle memories, I fill my little green alabaster vase with bright colored flowers from my new Colorado Springs garden. The vase, sturdy as stone, holds beauty I’ve just begun to plant like a stake in the ground.

It reminds me of the story in the Bible when a a woman poured perfume on Jesus’ head from an alabaster jar. It may have been smaller than my little vase, but it held vast beauty in the form of a fragrant love. She too, was planting a stake of sorts. She was saying, “This is my Lord, my Master, my God,” as she anointed Him with such costly perfume.

He honored her, as her detractors cried “Waste!” She would be remembered by future generations, He foretold. Why? Some thoughts. He’s good about dealing with our detractors. He loves this woman and her generosity. He is who she believed Him to be, and she was preparing Him for burial, and then, ultimately resurrection. She had placed her stake, her heart, in Truth.

As I settle here near Ft. Carson, plant flowers, water them, and bring them into my home via a little alabaster vase, I say to myself, “I am here, Jesus. Trusting you brought me here.” By settling, I am trusting Him in my heart.


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