Marcia Carole Teaching the Book of Ruth, Cameroon, Africa

I’ve been cutting pictures out of magazines, cutting ribbons and fabric, all to prepare for opportunities to teach storying here in Colorado or overseas. As I have been cutting, I’ve been praying, thinking and brain-storming with the Lord. I have been meditating on the beautiful story of redemption found in the book of Ruth, and I’ve thought of a storying project to go along with it.

I’ve thought of four or five “pages” for an accordion book, or four quadrants for a cross page in response to the teaching in the book of Ruth. The titles of each section will be: “Where have you been in your story?” “Where are you now in your story?” “What is blocking your path or holding you back from moving forward in some area of your story, (even when you are doing everything right)?” and “What does God promise for the future, and where is your story going?”

I’ll work up my own responses to these questions. I suggest you read the book of Ruth, and then try an artful response as well. I’ll try to post mine soon!


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