God Moves Noah, Mixed Media, Marcia Carole

Funny that I should be working on an art book on Noah, a man whom God dramatically saved and “moved” to the top of a mountain in the middle of a flooded earth. No Neighbors, no friends, no church, no support groups. He was truly starting anew. And, well, he did it. That’s encouraging.

I’ve been fighting loneliness by trying hard to throw myself into church services, Sunday School classes, art gatherings, an art conference and more, all the while feeling I am on the outside looking in here in a new town. I try to see it from others’ perspectives. Life is busy, and friendships are already formed. (Maybe God just wants me to see how it feels to be an outsider.)

One new friend did ask to meet with her; she is new to the area as well. It was nice to talk about art and life, and feel included. She made me feel like I mattered. I hope I did that for her.

Noah worshipped God after he got off the ark, and then he planted a vineyard. Life began again. He had to have hope – in God and in a future in a post flood world. I admire that kind of hope. I can’t plant a vineyard, the deer eat everything here – including my flowers on my patio, but maybe God will have me “plant” something else.

Noah Planted A Vineyard, Mixed media, Marcia Carole


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