I am limping to the finish line, or rather the starting line, of my healthcare kicking in here in Colorado Springs. (Moving stops and starts all sorts of things!) My allergy issues have kicked up a notch with new weeds and pollens, and they have hampered breathing in my new location. My Colorado healthcare begins September 1st, and I hope to meet with an allergist shortly thereafter. When fighting cancer, you really want some oxygen to work with!

I am also at the finish line for making art for my collaged book of the story of Noah. I have been completing the last four “pages”, see 3 below, and today, I begin working on making the accordion book where I will glue down the “pages.” I am hoping to take this book with me to my next outreach. Enjoy!

The animals leave the ark.

Noah worships God by sacrificing an animal.

God makes a promise to Noah and all people.
He will never flood the earth in judgement again.


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