Here are the first four collaged pages for new book to replace the one I have lost.

Here are the last four pages. I am thinking of inserting a page for when the disciples return and can’t believe Jesus is speaking with this woman. It’s an important part of the story, a second narrative, that hearkens to the older brother’s reaction in the story of the Prodigal Son.

I love this page. The woman has seen the heart of God in her conversation with Jesus. She can’t wait to tell her community about this man who knows everything about her, and yet, does not reject her because of her story. She was the person of peace for her whole community, even if the disciples and the community didn’t get it.

“Jesus does court the woman in the course of his responses and invitations to her, not, it turns out, in order to be her sixth husband after her current transitional relationship, but to be her Messiah; and by the end of the story he implicitly succeeds with her as he succeeds in his larger mission of drawing to him a great number of other Samaritans from her city.” – Adam Gilbert Bartholomew

The Samaritans receive “Living Water” when they come out to meet Jesus.

My grandson enjoying the Biblical narrative.


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