The back cover of my book about the “woman at the well.”

Why would Jesus freely engage the woman at the well, offer living water, eternal life, along with the rest in her heretical religious community? Why did he want to form relationships with them? Could it be He loved them? What was His tone when speaking with them? I just think there were so many things going on in this event.

Jesus stayed on with the Samaritans for a few days. He had a great love for them and wanted to extend mercy and grace to them. His tone must have matched His words if they wanted Him to hang around that long. They must have seen His heart with His words.

Jesus knew He was going to die for the sins of the “woman at the well” and for her community. Payment had to be exacted for their sins in order for forgiveness to be available to them. His love for them was great, His disdain for the enemy of their souls, and ours, was great. He had to do something to satisfy Justice and Love, because God is just and loving. I also think His tone was kind and engaging.

When a wrong has been committed, some one has to absorb the debt of the wrong in order for forgiveness to be extended. Either we pay, or Jesus pays. Since He is infinitely just, but also infinitely loving, He paid for our debt. On the cross. This is costly grace available to each of us.

“The Drink Of A Lifetime” book packed for Haiti.

I’ve had people in my life who angrily say they forgive me. Their tone doesn’t match their forgiveness. They even want to punish me as they spit out the words, “I forgive you.” I’ve extended forgiveness with a “poor me” tone as well, and I know I didn’t come across as a true forgiver. Lord have mercy on me!

Jesus’ tone must have perfectly matched His stance of forgiveness. He came across as entirely authentic. Please Lord, build that in me. I hope and pray I will share Jesus’ love for each person I encounter, with this book, on my trip to Haiti, and beyond. I pray my tone conveys Jesus’ heart for those I spend time with. I pray I think of His example when I am in the process of forgiving another. I’d appreciate your prayers!

“Can Jesus love this Samaritan woman, a love suggested by the very setting of the conversation at a well, and not express and communicate that love to her through his tone of voice in his effort to woo her? Would he not speak in a way that expresses his desire for her love? As he speaks, would he not lean in closer to her, speaking warmly, so as to draw her into the welcoming embrace of his love? And as he seeks to open his disciples to embracing the Samaritans, will he simply instruct them and command them, or will he speak passionately about what has been taking place, about the seeds that have been planted and have already come to fruition, reading for harvesting, seeking to awaken a shared passion in them?” – Adam Gilbert Bartholomew

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

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