Falling and Rising In Italy 2015

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 Marge, my collage art mentor, and I had planned a wonderful two weeks adventure in Italy – enjoying the beauty in Cinque Terre and making art in Lucca, Italy. I’ve learned we have to hold all our plans loosely – yet again. Our first day in Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Marge had a tumble, broke her leg, and landed in an Italian hospital. Just getting there is a story in itself! 

Marge is the hero in this story. What a trooper! She needed surgery, and eventually had a rod and two pins placed at the top of her femur so she can – sooner than later – wheelchair her way out of the La Spezia St. Andrea hospital and return home for rehabilitation. Marge, always happy to connect with others, has been sharing her art in the hospital!

Family members of fellow patients (there are 4 to a room) helped share Marge’s artwork – her travel journals of Italy. As the days wore on, I knew my energy was fading, so I asked for help. Marge’s brother and sister-in-law hopped on a plane to relieve me and let me rest. I am so thankful to them that they came!   

Stay tuned for part two as Marge rises from her fall in Italy!  


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