Falling and Rising In Italy, Part 2

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Cinque Terre

 After several days of recovery, a blood transfusion, and physical therapy with Marge’s sister-in-law, Andrea, and, it sounds like, a kind physical therapist in the hospital, Marge began walking again. (I have traveled onto Lucca, Italy where our next joint stop was to have been.) After sleeping off and on for two days, I awoke to find a photo of Marge walking! 
Even though my heart isn’t in it, I have tried to make some art. First, I set up at L’Agora, a meeting and working place for students. There are large tables in which one can spread out art supplies.  The gluing is a snap here.

In L’Agora, I worked on a collage of Cinque Terre, viewing it from the sea. I began gluing it down after almost two hours of playing with papers. I realized my heart wasn’t really in it. It made me think of the women I ask to make art who just might be too overcome with sorrow or their current emotions to make art. They might need more time to even engage in the project. Something to think through. 

I have more cutting and moving around here, but the sense of color and sea and hillside have begun to come together. I’m still looking for papers to use for the roofs. I am thankful I’m less stressed than I used to be about my process. If it isn’t finished today, that’s OK. See below for a sneak peak into L’ Agora. Really, it is a great working space except for the echo!!!


And, the courtyard of L’Agora is amazingly beautiful! What a spot to regroup and soak in beauty. 

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