Nausea Interrupted – So, Make Art!

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I have been seriously nauseous, post chemo #4, to the point of taking 2 meds in the morning, and 2 meds before trying to eat any dinner. Sometimes, I just lie as still as possible and play quiet music, hoping I’ll fall asleep, and wake to perfect health. (OK, I’m hopelessly optimistic!) I’ve slogged through 10 days of this nausea since leaving the chemo infusion chair. However, TODAY, it was all miraculously, gone! (Katie said she prayed.)


So, I’m an artist, and that means, time to paint! I put on James Taylor Christmas, danced, sang and painted. My heart is full.


I love my Daniel Smith watercolors. The colors sing right along with James Taylor!


I worked layers of various reds, then threw some red around in the background.


Here is the painting, just about completed. I added a few more layers here and there, then found a frame I had here at home. I put my happy painting right in it! I was actually so happy, I started crying. It’s so huge not to feel sick for a few hours. What a blessing!


I set the painting by my grandsons’ tree, and marveled at the moments, the minutes and even hours I had where I took a journey out of the land of the sick, and danced in the land of the healthy. No, my cancer isn’t gone, but I didn’t feel cancerous today! It was glorious! (And this poinsettia is maintenance-free!)


I am still waiting for healing…..this advent, I am waiting for Jesus in many ways. Blessings to each of you today!


  • Sabiscuit says:

    Blessings to you, too. The recovery is tough, of course, but your strength is here for all to see. Stay strong and have a quiet evening’s rest.

  • Susan Powell says:

    Simply and profoundly BEAUTIFUL! The Painting,the words,your heart-felt JOY for the ‘nausea-free’ time,to express your gratefulness in this creative way! I truly love your Spirit…YOU are His Masterpiece,my friend.And I am praying for your Christmas Miracle,and believing with you,and for you,with every ounce of faith and hope He had given to me.You are so loved.đź’ž Sue4Him

  • Paula Horton says:

    I have been off of many social websites lately…but thought of you, wondered how you were doing during the Christmas season. I was happy to find this post, see that you are still bravely fighting, that you had this great day of painting such gorgeous poinsettias!!
    Praying for you tonight on Christmas Eve as we celebrate our Savior’ birth. A Dinine miracle.
    Praying for a miracle healing for you.

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