Original collage, Marcia Carole
“The Woman with the Bleeding Problem Hears About Jesus”

I awoke this morning praying for the team of women, a team I was initially a part of, for using art to share our stories, who have gone to Nicaragua to minister to 300 women. It is a daunting task, but I am certain the ladies will do beautifully – in God’s care, strength and for His purposes. They will be blessed by the people in the little town of Los Cedros as they spend time with the ladies. I am with them in prayer from afar.

Back at my home, I am beginning to settle into my cozy house and Northwest life. It is a little difficult to make this switch on a variety of levels. The last time I was home, I was making art and planning to go with a team to Nicaragua. I have returned to piles of art supplies, unfinished pieces for that trip; I am now left with my musings on where to get storage tubs to put the piles all away. My job has changed, now. Clinging to Jesus daily, hourly, minute by minute, as well as with Chemo side effects and eating well, then resting; these things have taken center stage.

My kitchen counters are loaded with fresh fruits and veggies, a brand new Vitamix juicer/blender and various types of organic foods from many well wishing friends. I feel very blessed and encouraged in continuing to go down the path of eating well by so many. It is a bit more work to eat this way, involves much more quinoa and carrots.

Today will need to be a sorting, clearing out, unpacking day, so as to make room for the new “work” at hand. I am hopeful that art making and shaing our stories can continue to be a part of this new work. Unless, quinoa and carrots totally take over my new life!


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