Living Water, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

I played with watercolors, masking tape and various shapes this morning and, again, in the afternoon, while meditating on the concept of Living Water. This is the first piece I came up with. I had a meeting sandwiched in between my painting sessions. It was hard to “surface” from my painting world to go to the meeting, however, I did so. I like the bright bits of copper I splashed here and there in this piece.

I had beautiful music on while I painted, and I wanted to convey this; Jesus isn’t like an old wooden cross, but he is alive, powerful and active –  just like a fountain of water. He gives us this “fountain” as well – in the form of a new life, if we ask Him for it. After I had tasted new life with Him, everything became gray in comparison.

Speaking of gray, it is another GRAY August day. Urgh.  I think a short afternoon siesta is in order! Then, I’ll force myself, in spite of the gray, to take that walk and sip on carrot juice. Did I mention I am getting really tired of carrot juice? I wanted a brownie yesterday, and wouldn’t mind one today, actually. Anybody?


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