The Word Made Flesh, Marcia Carole, Original Pencil Drawing

This drawing is for a specific call for artwork at my church. I’ve studied the birth of Jesus through a Bible study, and by reading the four Gospels which recount His birth. I have also listened to several sermons on God’s Son, Jesus, coming, as a baby, to earth to glorify His Father. I have soaked in the Word as I have drawn.

The humility of Jesus grips my heart as I add layers of graphite. In time, I add hints of the essence of His humanity. There are holes in His clothing. He is a poor baby, born in the poorest of situations.

His parents have prepared the sacrifice for the sin offering; being poor, they only have two turtledoves. Joseph has prepared the redemption offering for the first born son, five shekels. They are pressing closely to their redemption, Jesus. He will be their sacrifice, and ours, in a short thirty-three years. The Word made flesh.


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