God Comes Near, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

In contrast to my pencil drawing, this watercolor is full of strong color and rich juxtaposition of light and dark. I had painted Mary and Jesus a while back, but the piece was incomplete. In time, I realized I wanted to add the concept of the Master Artist, God, breaking into our world. So, I have painted the drapery that suggests two worlds along with the dove breaking through a dark blue part of the sky.

This is a piece made for a call for art, at my church, with the idea of God breaking into our world, the Word made flesh – the idea of God getting “dirty” by coming into our world and living among us. Breaking into our world as a little baby is certainly a humble, helpless, rather “dirty” beginning for the Creator of the universe!

However, the idea of light emanating from this baby suggests His otherness from us. Yes, He was a real baby, with all the needs of a baby boy, however, He is always fully, holy God, as well.

While framing this piece, on my kitchen floor, an entirely new piece, much more abstract, came to mind. It is fascinating to see a piece completed in my head, but not in existence in real time and space. I hope to work on my imaginery piece in the days ahead. I am struck that I can think up something entirely completed. My capacity to do so must come from my Creator God. The Bible mentions that God knows us before we are in our mother’s wombs. (I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:5)

Thank you, God for breaking into the artistic world, within my mind, to remind me of your attribute of knowing me before you created me. You thought each of us up, and lovingly want each of us to exist. What a tender moment we had together as you reminded me you are happy your thought, of me, became the person I am. Even with cancer and my frailties.  And, I know You aren’t finished painting!


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