Sunny Days, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

Having made this collage on an especially gray set of weeks in Seattle, I am pulling it up once again for this week. We had 39 seconds of sunshine in my neighborhood this morning, but that was only partly sunny, so did it really count? I pop the vitamen D pills, and shake my head. No. And, no, not any vitamen D worth noting out there today.

I am ordering mugs, T-Shirts and cards with this jpeg, so I can wear the shirt to spread sunshine as I walk around my house, drink in sunshine from the mug, and mail sunny cheer with the notecards. (You can watch Elf only so many times to remove the gray from Seattle in December.)

Just looking at this piece of art as I write brings a smile to my gray-weary eyes. That’s enough gray!!!

A fellow Seattlite who enjoys this piece as a print.

You can order cards, mugs and T-Shirts through my art store if you want to join me in bringing sunshine into your world, no matter how dark it may be! My ART STORE is here.


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