Folded Accordion Books, bristol board, Marcia Carole

It is exciting and just plain steady work to prepare for a group of people to share their stories through the art of collaged book pages. I am leading a couple of workshops soon, and my preparation is in full swing. I am thankful for all the pictures that have been cut out way in advance. Many friends have helped cut out photos or handed me a stack of magazines. I’m organizing containers of rubber stamps and stamp pads.

Tomorrow, I will need to paint some papers so the participants have a nice variety to choose from. Then, let the creativity begin!!

Seascape, Micah Worthan Husby, my grandson!

During this month, I am also preparing my heart to worship my Artist Maker in new and deeper ways. He is in the midst of a process, building things in me, cutting, refining, shaping, painting. I imagine Him stepping back to see what He has created, allowing me to commune with Him about it all in prayer.

Selfishly, I pray He is removing cancer cells. “Are you?”,  I ask Him quietly. I’ll have to be patient for His answer, but I know, deep down inside, He is patiently preparing me to meet Him.


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