Pastor Hilario and Grandchild, Pencil on Paper, Marcia Carole

Certain people impact our lives deeply. Today, I want to honor two friends who have tremendously impacted me and the work God has called me to. Pastor Hilario and his wife, Lois, have been two very important people in my life this year. While fighting cancer, not many would be so encouraging towards me to travel to Thailand, Nicaragua and Turkey – with Camaroon slated later in the year. Pastor Hilario and Lois are two friends who pray for me and encourage me to use the gifts God has given me all over the world. I know they are watching to see if I can handle it physically, but they also allow me to minister even in the midst of my cancer battle. I can’t thank them enough.

One day, Pastor Hilario asked if I could bring collage supplies to church, so he could learn what I do. (He is an artist in his own right, and I knew he’d really enjoy it.) He ended up collaging the story of the Prodigal Son with papers, glue, scissors, etc strewn all over his office. I appreciated he took time out of his busy schedule to try to better understand how I am using art with story. How many pastors would do that?

Whenever we get together, Lois always gives me a hug and asks how I am doing. I know she is listening carefully, and I know she is praying for me. She is one of those saints everyone wants in their lives, one who quietly commits people to the Lord in prayer. She is a huge part of my using art for minstry and successful care of women in workshops here and in faraway places.

I found the above sketch of Pastor Hilario while looking through sketchbooks this past week. I have a sketchbook of practice drawings in preparation to sketch women in difficult places. (I think I’ll give his daughter the sketch – it is a sketch of her little one.) I marvel as I think about how I was able to sketch portraits of two prostitutes in Pattaya, Thailand. All the preparation was worth it, and the blessings and care from Pastor Hilario and Lois were a great part of why it happened.

Portrait Drawing In Pattaya, Thailand


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