Free, Acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole

Painting, in response to a passage of Scripture, is a multi-faceted adventure. There are verses to read, prayers to pray, thoughts to think, meditation on the words to be accomplished, and then – paint a painting in response to all that pondering. This piece is part of the journey I have been on while studying Romans 6 and 7 in the Bible. You’d never know, just yet, how much thought and prayer has gone into this piece.

I am working on contrasting being enslaved to our wrong actions, thoughts, pride, selfishness and then being set free from the bondage to those traits, as followers of Jesus. I want it to be abstract but, a bit like clouds busting apart by glorious sun after a long storm. Or, I’d like it to be similar to a massive sun break after two months of gray Seattle rain!

Stay tuned; there is more to come. However, it might be slow going with Christmas just around the corner!


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