“You cannot change the world, but you can change someone’s world” Mother Teresa

Here, you can watch a 2 minute video about the women we met and made story ropes with in Addis Ababa. You will meet the counselors and director we worked with during 2 outreaches. We have no photos from those two outreaches, out of respect for the women’s privacy, so it was so nice to find some YouTube videos.

Also, I am heading out again, prayerfully, in August. If you would like to donate to an upcoming trip, I am traveling with one other woman, using art/faith/story in India, and join me in the soul care of others, please click here and indicate it is for #802. It’s a wonderful tax deduction for you and a gift to help change a life, one life at a time! I have raised about $400 so far, and need to raise $2,800.

I’d like you to meet the staff we had the pleasure of working under at Women At Risk in Addis. Below is a photo of them. One of my favorite memories was sitting with many of them at lunchtime, sharing ingera and stew, eating with our hands, sipping delicious, fresh-roasted coffee, and feeling so welcomed. I can’t speak highly enough of this group of servant workers.

The Staff at Women At Risk

Women who are in the program. (From the Women At Risk website.)

Here is Cherry, the director, speaking with one group of women. My understanding is that there are now 3 centers!

We had a table in the middle of the room, filled with fabrics and ribbons for the story rope making. Just about every woman shared their story with the story rope, and we prayed for each woman. They thanked us for coming all the way from America to give them hope. I shared my story of having stage 4 breast cancer, and the hope I have in Jesus.  (75% are HIV+) This organization is changing many someones’ worlds!

Ingera and the “stew” that goes on the Ethiopian bread. The stew is vegetarian, and it can go on top of shredded meats. I just ate the veggie version. It was delicious.


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