Here is a new idea I have prepared for an upcoming art outreach. Please feel free to borrow this idea, if it will help you and or your group. I’d appreciate you passing along where you got the idea. Thanks!

Cut out a heart from heavy card stock. The larger the heart, the longer the time to complete the heart project. Cut out magazine photos, words, graphics that apply to what you treasure in your heart. Where do your passions lie? Select some painted papers, or brightly colored paper to make two long 1/2 inch strips of paper for the cross you will need. Print out the verse on the computer and use the computer for any other graphics you’d like for your heart.

Glue down the “cross’ first, then begin placing things you have gathered down onto your heart. You may glue, or wait to glue, depending on whether you want to play with the pieces for a while or not.

Trim, with scissors, any pieces that have gone over the edges of your heart. Place important pieces on last.

I am looking forward to helping a group of women to collage part of their stories by looking into their hearts on Valentine’s Day. In preparation for that luncheon, I made my own collage. What do I treasure? That is where my heart rests, where my passions lie, and what I live for.  It is a thought-provoking exercise, and brings to the light what we live for, if we are willing to be honest. It might help us better pray for each other. Why don’t you try it and post your “hearts?”




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