Forty-Five women, who gather for a MOPS group at my church, had the opportunity to collage part of their stories at a workshop I led, about 5 days after I returned from India. MOVE OVER JET LAG! They made a “cross page” and, through collage, answered four questions. What was your beginning like? What do you celebrate in your story? What is hard about your story? What do you hope for your story?

After the women competed their work, they had the opportunity to share their stories and to have prayer. Those, who have been gathering for part of a year, deepened their understanding of each other’s stories and hearts. Each gained a greater respect for their MOPS friends, and to care for one another more deeply.

The women appreciated the “bridge” of art to help them share their stories. It was a pleasure to serve them. May the time spent making the art be a blessing to each woman’s heart.


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